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Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
... that kiiled....osama had... their pay ddcked... for... two mmnths.. .//he... pentagon... says... they honor" game../ .รก permission.../. they're... 3 accused of showing ...their official pombat gear..../ and... information... to make the game... mooe realistic..../. but... a... team... didnt reveal aaything ... that... breakssnat'' security the taliban and al qaedaais - waafare warfighter as a aid or recruitment tool or ng 3 recruitment aid. they''e not going to use it. it. ,3 the seven... already punished... will be ineeigible for promotion../ . essentially ending their military careers. a firefighter's drive tt a call in wisconsin......ends with a pollce officer's guu in his face. facc."speeds as much this video is rom the cruiser of officer tee gilbertson ....ollowing volunteer ffiefighter dan dean. siren, too.when they stop... -3 officee gilbertson sees dean's e-m-s license plate......but &pptill draws his gun...puttinn ittright into theeface of dean. visioo as the officer did, and i just got out and ran to the engine, you
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
" iiappropriate commmnications pith the woman at the cennerr of the petraeus sex ssandal. the pentagon saas tte thousands of emails with jill says sheereceived threatening pmails from general avii petraaus's mistress - paula broadwell. those emails led to the orginial fbi investigationnthat uncoveree the xtramariial affaii little says: "while thiss matter is under invvssigation and before the facts are remain commander oo isaf." - petraaus resiined friday nddttere are questions about the actual timiig and lenggh of his afghanistan that could pen up him to prosecution under militarr law.panetta says: "we obviously are going to watch this closely to deterrinn just eeactly wwen that took place." defense ecretary leon panntta replaced generrl petraeus when he took over the cia. phornberry says: "this thhng gets even more biiarre and we aae all ocusee on the personal interactionssbut there are serious questions f nationaa securityy" general allen denies any wronn doing aad is currently nommnated to become commander of thh european command. boswell says: "allen's conffrmatiin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2